Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedroom #2

So, we saw how adorable this color combo works and also some inspirational rooms. As I’ve said, my husband is not too thrilled about it, so I have made an optional collection:

Yes, grey is still in there, also yellow, but I am a ninja and I changed the name as to disguise it from my husband. “It’s not yellow honey, its marigold!” Also, purple doesn’t fly in my house so “plum” made an appearance. I do not enjoy the word cream at all so I said “wheat”. Just sounds so much richer doesn’t it?

Again, everything I love about the respective rooms:

  1. Wheaty awesomeness. Those colors look so rich together! And what an awesome duvet cover? Simple retreat.
  2. Although I wouldn’t dare do it myself, I really like that headboard. Something different. And those pillow cases? C’mon! I want some! I love how royal the grey and plum look together.
  3. That bed is perfect. See it has no headboard, so adding a padded one would be so easy. And then just making an extra brace in the middle of the top frame, drape some fabric…perfection! Also, that gold-ish yellow color and the purple together? Yum! Love the rug as well.
  4. The headboard! Simple, cushy, stunning color. What more do you want? This room is the equivalent to my previous favorite. Everything about this room is welcome in my house. No poster bed though, but I will live.
  5. This room is very chic. Clean lines and I do love that bedside lamp’s color.
  6. This is husband’s favorite, apart from the wicker. I do enjoy myself a piece of yellow and blue together so yes, this is very nice. Also, the layout of the room? Bed in front of the window like that? Very unique. Do like those curtains, the rug, the floor and the all around beachy feeling this room has. It is a very strong contender, minus the wicker.

So, even though it can be overwhelming, I am thoroughly enjoying the decoration process of my future home.

I have made some similar inspirational boards for the rest of the rooms. Next up, the kitchen.

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