Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bedroom #1

I have been trying to get myself excited to move. All can agree, moving sucks! So, to make things a little more interesting and exciting, I have been making inspiration boards for every (future) room of our (future) home.

First up, is our bedroom. I need our bedroom to be our mini vacation spot. We love sleeping and just laying in bed. We already have a king size bed waiting for us back home. As for the rest of the room, we have nothing. Daunting to think about, but also kind of thrilling. It is a blank canvas! I can do whatever I want!

I get very happy when I see this color combination:

It is relaxing but the yellow gives it a little zoosh. We will have to get a bed frame and both of us love four poster beds. But, when you’re lounging in bed you would like your back to have a cushy part to rest on. So a padded headboard would be perfect. I’m hoping we can combine their powers to make one super bed. What I like about each picture, besides the colors:

  1. The striped sheets! That cute cushion!
  2. The bed, the deliciousness of the yellow trim combined with the stripes. The amazing light streaming from those wonderfully big windows are also making me salivate
  3. The white nightstand is just adorable, and a refreshing change from the normal wooden ones. The textured wall gives an interesting feel. Those pillow cases with the ties on the side? Cute! The bedside lamps are also keepers.
  4. Good lord that bed! The soft drape of the fabric on top is so romantic. Once again the nightstands, white again. Also, here they have sort of incorporated the padded headboard, although it does not lend any cushiness to the back. So if you could remove the wooden back part of the poster bed and somehow combine the pad-y part with the poster part.
  5. How cute is that cushion? Love the bed as well and adore the curtains
  6. This whole room is yummy. I love everything about it. So much so, that I will overlook the lack of pad. It makes me smile like an idiot when I look at it. Heaven!
  7. This one caught my eye purely because of the window treatments and pad-y-ness. I’d like to have a similar shutter but also some curtains to make it more comfy and warm
  8. I will steal that dog! Also, the bed? Nice! It will be like crawling into your own little cocoon. Maybe instead of the stiff fabric over, I would have it more flowy?
I think it would be easy to create the perfect bed. Maybe if we could get a beautiful four poster bed and construct a padded headboard covered in some nice fabric? Attach a top frame and drape the soft fabric over. Et Voila! I could change the fabric from white to yellow to grey. And we could make a few headboards too. And this way when I get tired of the color combo (which I undoubtedly will), we could just make some new headboards and get new fabric to drape.

This could be fun.

Although I love this color combo, husband is NOT convinced. So next I will show something a little different, and also very doable.

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