Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life List # 27 – Go quad biking

3year Anniversary Celebration

This was Dave’s idea and I have to admit that I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it all that much. Fine! And I was a teeny tiny bit scared. I’m not an excellent driver and I am terrible at making a good decision in a panic situation. So in my mind, quad biking was probably not the best activity for me. I was right. Well, kind of.
First off, I look ridiculous in the gear:

Glasses + Helmet = DORK much?

We were taken for some practice and instructed on the use of the machinery. I am pretty good at driving in a straight line, no turns, no inclines, no fancy schmancy hills and slopes. Yes, well, our route was not just straight and level. But, it was exhilarating! And quite the workout:

Red and happy to be alive…and standing still

We went through orchards, up a hillside, down some slopes, over rocks and through streams. I struggled some, sometimes going off the beaten track. I like speed. Speed + Retarded Motor sense = Disaster. Dave on the other hand was a pro. He LOVED it and did not break a sweat:

What are YOU smiling at?

It was actually pretty awesome and the landscape was also very beautiful. I eventually got the hang of it and was speeding along. We went through a stream and I almost got KO’d. When in doubt, slam on the brakes!

In the end I loved it and I wished we could do it all day. We had tons of fun. Next time I will try to get an all day trail with long stretches of straight path so I can speed my little heart out.

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